Amber (austinamber) wrote,

New Year

I got one of the oh 5 things on my to do list done over the holidays. I finished crocheting the baby blankets for Laura and Peter's twins. They came out decent, not completely straight edged but good enough. I guess I really should count my stitches if I want things to be square. Oh well.

Neal and I had a lovely 10th anniversary in Gruene. We exhausted the offerings of Gruene the first day we got there. It only took a couple hours to go from one heavily scented store to the next. Some of the stuff was cute, but nothing striking enough for us to buy. Though, they do have a really great pottery store in town. The potter actually works on the premises in his/her? workshop. We had a nice dinner, took a massive 15 minute drive to New Braunfels to buy snacks and wine and then enjoyed the sleep of the "childless." We slept late, had a lovely breakfast, and then ventured into San Antonio to stroll the RiverWalk on our anniversary. All in all, it was a relaxing and peaceful couple of days.

On New Years Eve, we did our usual routine of drinking bubbly on the stairs and watching the Steiner/Lakeway fireworks display. All in all, a pleasant holiday experience.
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