Amber (austinamber) wrote,

Love of Money

I've come to the conclusion that I have an issue with money. For Valentine's my coworker's boyfriend arranged to have a 4-man a cappella group deliver a rose and serenade her in the morning, and then he sent her a pajama gram in the afternoon. Now, while I was quite impressed with his thoughtfulness and advanced planning, the first thing that came to mind was "Wow, that must have cost a fortune!" It can't be cheap to get a personalized musical message delivered on Valentine's Day, and I know a pj gram is about $50.00. Too pricey for my blood. And this is the kicker--I'm more than willing to spend money on gifts and things for others, but I'm very reluctant to spend money on myself, and I don't encourage extravagant gifts--especially when the money comes out of my own bank account. What's up with me?
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