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Sprained Ankle

We were taking advantage of the beautiful weekend weather to do some yard work. We had Ana over to watch Lance so we could REALLY be productive. So, two hours into work, what do I do? I fall into one of the many random holes Hazel digs in the backyard and sprain my ankle. I spend the rest of the afternoon with my foot propped up on pillows. What a wasted day!
On Monday, I went to the doc to get the ankle checked out. The doc took x-rays: no fractures or anything. She wants me to use crutches for a few days though and then use this ankle brace thing.

Lessons learned from crutches: I suck using crutches and have no desire to improve. You can't carry a purse and/or laptop bag with crutches. Working from home is far superior to trying to use crutches at work.

My ankle is feeling better, but it'll take a few weeks to heal.
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