Amber (austinamber) wrote,


I'm on vacation this week and get to spend time with Lance. Luckily, the weather has been nice so far. There's a 40%+ chance of rain all week, but the skies have been waiting for dark to open up, so it's been okay. Lance and I went to "park with sand" today and built sandcastles and sand b-day cakes in the sand volleyball court. He even put stick candles on, and we sang happy b-day to "my friend." He's been asking at least once daily to go to the park with "trains and cars and motorcycles" but none of us which park he's referring to. Apparently it's his dream park. He's been making up a lot of stories lately. I bought him a taxi at the Chicago airport and he had it for all of ten minutes before he was telling us that he and Ryan took a taxi to the airport and went on an airplane to the train station, but they didn't ride the train because it didn't have people on it, only stuff.

If the weather's still nice tomorrow, we may go to the Zoo. The children's museum has some huge game display that's really aimed at older kids, but we may go by there too if nothing else comes to mind.

Tina's in San Francisco. She said it's chillier than she expected, but she got there safely. I'm still thinking I may go down to visit Mom this weekend and see how she's doing.

The house should be ready in a couple of weeks. Yay!!
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