Amber (austinamber) wrote,

Every year it gets a bit harder...

Well, it's that time of year again. Tina is packing up and getting ready to go. She's leaving on Thursday morning. Nadine will arrive in New York tomorrow and fly to Austin on Thursday night. I think Tina's departure is going to be hard on Lance this year. He's now old enough to really know that something is going on. He's noticed that both Sara and Carmen have gone home. He keeps asking about Tina going home and wants to spend every second with her.

On an upbeat note, Anett and Rene are coming for a visit in November for a few weeks. We'll need to buy another inflatable mattress since the one we have has sprung a leak and deflates after a couple hours.

Mom may be coming up next week for a few days to help with the Au Pair transition. She's worried about the weather, so we'll see if she makes it or not. I'm debating just telling not to worry about it. Neal has already requested the days off from work since she's been so wishy-washy about the trip. I thought it'd be a nice chance for her to spend some time with Lance, but oh well.

Neal took his exam for his Master's on Friday. Hopefully all went well and he'll be graduating this December. His study guide was about as helpful as mine was--not really applicable to the questions they actually ask you. I think Texas State likes to test people's b-s skills on these exams by throwing some curve balls just to see how well you can take a swing at them.

Work's crazy, but I just have to hang in there for a couple more months until I go on maternity leave. Then I get to hand the craziness off to someone else and enjoy the joyful craziness and sleep deprivation that comes along with a newborn. 25 weeks and counting.
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