May 26th, 2008

Playscape adventures

Neal and I have been busy for the last two days putting together the 2000+ parts of the new playscape. We're on step 19 of 34, so at least we're past the halfway point. It's supposed to take 12-16 hours according the DVD that goes step by step through ALL the instructions. We're already 19+ hours in, and we've still got quite a lot to do. Of course, I don't think the DVD takes Texas heat or Central Texas rocky, unlevel ground into consideration. It took us like 4 hours just to dig out a level spot in the backyard to put the thing, and this yard is a pancake compared to our last house. Neal and I are both a nice shade of lobster red. Him more than me because I've been coming in a bit earlier to take over the kids from Cousin Anna, who was nice enough to babysit on Sunday, and Nadine, who was nice enough to work on Monday even though we had originally given her the day off.
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